[Set of 2] CUSTOM STICKER STORAGE + Bonus Sticker


¥12,000 ¥13,600

KAZE_TO_MORI × NUXDI x TOYO STEEL collaboration sticker. Great value 2 storage set with bonus stickers.

This is a set of 2 items.

NUXDI and KAZE_TO_MORI will be releasing nine types of collaborative stickers redesigned based on their respective brand logos on the T-152 trunk-shaped tool box manufactured by Toyo Steel, which has been producing high-quality metal tool boxes for over 50 years. Special package set.

The T-152 is a sturdy tool box made of steel, perfect for storing small camping gear. The surface is designed by NUXDI and KAZE_TO_MORI, and can be freely customized by combining stickers.

If you use the included magnet, you can attach it to the side of your NT360 or snowpeak shell controller.

・Stickers: 18 pieces of 9 types + 2 bonus stickers (red)
・Storage (T-152): 2 pieces
・Magnet: 2 pieces

Color T-152: Black
Size (approx.) T-152: External dimensions W154xH105xD29mm/Inner dimensions W137xH88xD19mm

Weight (approx.) 258g (including magnet)
Material Steel

*Due to the characteristics of the material, PVC stickers may shrink overall due to temperature differences or the passage of time, and a portion of the mount may be visible.
*If you attach a magnet, you will not be able to stack T-152.


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